ZeroLabs made a commitment to build the absolute best version of each classic vehicle we could. We focus on the highest quality materials, original designs, upgradable and built to last decades while simultaneously producing an extremely safe but covert electrical drive system. We use 24/7 self-monitoring, safety, and telematics to let the driver know the state of the vehicle anytime by mobile or hidden displays. The result is a clean energy vehicle with the soul of a premium classic. Our goal is to offer everything you love, minus everything you hate. To be enjoyed now and well into the future.


Yes. Hand built motor vehicles, and classic car restorations are going to be a low volume ambition for anyone. This is dictated by today's quality standards and limitation of available donor vehicles. For ZeroLabs, we build classic electric vehicles that honor the classic designs and represent the growing Battery Electrical Vehicle car market. To achieve both, there are no short cuts.  We realize, this isn’t for everyone. That’s OK because we could never make enough for everyone. We respect there are many restoration shops out there who pride themselves offering restorations at the lowest price using cheaper after market reproduction parts. For our quality and safety standards, we would rather do a better job for our clients on fewer premium electric vehicles than to make thousands of mistakes by cutting corners at scale.


At the higher end of the restoration market, other makes and models can cost $650,000+ with waiting lists lasting up to three years. We expect our customer has owned classic vehicles in the past and done their homework knowing pricing for a premium Ford Bronco restoration can run from $160,000-300,000. Our vehicles are very different, and we expect the first edition ZeroLabs production models to be within 10-15% of the premium Ford Bronco restoration market, depending on options. Final prices, designs and features will be announced later this year.