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We are a passionate team of: entrepreneurs, technology investors, advertising and media experts, financial managers, advanced race vehicle engineers, electric vehicle prototype developers, composite engineers, aerospace fabricators, premium classic car restorers, high net worth customer support and global industrial designers committed to a clean energy future.


The end of Classic Vehicles?

Our memories form the foundation of our identity. They provide us comfort in times of rapid transformation and uncertainty. The sentimental objects we collect transport us to these times. Together, they are how we keep our past alive. They tell the world who we are, by showing who we were or aspired to be. Classic vehicles represent this concept better than anything. But they are endangered. For a clean energy future - EV startups can't remake the past. OEM's won't remake the past. Boutique restoration shops are caught between. Surviving classic vehicles are either sold off at higher than ever prices to private collections or die waiting for a future that won't come. For most classics, the story ends the same way. They will no longer be driven except in rare displays of proud defiance.

We now face a difficult decision, one that affects the future of our children and our home. What do we do with our past? With the things we loved? We must let vehicles of the past go to embrace a clean energy future? Without them, our memories of who we were will fade. Our time will be forgotten or lost. In many ways, their story is our story. But is their future, our future? Within our greatest challenges, live our greatest opportunities. To focus on a problem with no apparent end, or no apparent solution. Someone had to do this.

So in 2015, I said goodbye to a 25-year career in adverting and technology, sold the agency I spent my life building to form zero labs with the best engineers, designers, and technologists I could find. To provide car lovers both the spirit of the past and a clean energy future but in today's standards. I am proud to say, after three years, thousands of hours and tests, we have created a meaningful vehicle conversion so unique that one look is all it takes to change forever the way we separate the relationship between our personal past and the future.  Finally, a clean energy future does not have to come at the expense of our love of the past. We are introducing premium classic electric vehicles. 

- Adam Roe, Zero Labs Founder and CEO

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